Effects Of Chronic Kidney Diseases On Human Eyes

Effects Of Chronic Kidney Diseases On Human Eyes


The National Kidney Foundation has reported that 30 million people are suffering from kidney diseases. Kidneys work to regulate the balance of water in our body and remove all the waste material.

Balance of minerals like potassium, sodium, and calcium thrown off to some extent when your kidneys do not work properly. Kidneys are also involved in the production of hormones. These hormones regulate your blood pressure.

If kidneys are not working properly then it can also affect the control of blood pressure. Kidney diseases may also cause damage to nerves, weakness of bones, and anemia over time. Symptoms of kidney diseases are following.

  • Issues in concentration
  • Decrease of energy level
  • Fluid retention specifically in the legs and feet
  • Poor appetite
  • Dry skin
  • Cramping of muscles in the night

Kidney Diseases And Vision Issues

The common cause of kidney disease is diabetes. It increases the vulnerability to develop eye diseases. If kidneys are not working properly in fileting out the waste of your body then it can also lead to eye issues. 

When kidneys do not remove waste from your body properly then it leads to the accumulation of salts and minerals in the body such as calcium and phosphate. Mineral accumulation becomes settled in your eyes that cause irritation and dryness in the eyes.

Kidney disease plays a vital role in causing periorbital edema. It involves swelling around your eyes. Inefficient working of kidneys also leads to an imbalance of water in your body that enhances fluid around the eyes.

This condition may appear in one or both of your eyes. The condition that causes chronic disease of kidneys may also have a harmful impact on the vision and eyes. High blood pressure and diabetes are two main causes of chronic diseases of kidneys. 

Both of these conditions lead to retinopathy. It is the damage of blood vessels that are located in the retinal part. Damage sensitivity can vary among people. Some scar tissues exist in the damaged vessels. 

The scar tissues cause detachment of the retina. Detached retina even leads to blindness in some people. It causes frequent vision loss. If you are facing any vascular or heart problem then do contact Best vascular institute in UAE

Healthy Eyes While Having Kidney Disease

It is important to pay special attention to your health if you are suffering from chronic kidney disease. Take some important steps and follow the precautions to preserve your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy. In this regard, you can consider the following guidelines.

Go For Eye Check-Up On Regular Basis

It is important to have a regular eye exam because the conditions that cause kidney diseases also affect your eyes. In the early stages, specific diseases of the eyes do not show symptoms. You can diagnose these conditions earlier only if you see a doctor.

Warning Signs Of Some Eye Conditions

If you have kidney diseases then you are vulnerable to the loss of your vision. Go for the check-up immediately if you have developed one of the following conditions.

  • Flashing lights
  • Floaters in your eyes
  • Change of vision
  • Vision loss
  • Blur vision

Control Your Glucose Level And High Blood Pressure

Diabetes and high blood pressure go hand-in-hand if you are having a kidney disease. Chronic hypertension also exerts negative effects on your vision. High sugar and blood pressure levels also impact your eyes badly.

Take suggestions from your doctor regarding the levels of glucose and blood pressure. The doctor will completely guide you about monitoring the level of blood pressure and sugar and he will also give you the best suggestion to control both conditions.

Follow The Suggestions Of Your Doctor

There are many treatments available for chronic kidney diseases. It depends on the severity of the disease stage. Treatments of kidney diseases include changes in lifestyle, medications, and dialysis in extreme cases.

Follow the recommendations of your doctor about your treatment. Don’t smoke because it is harmful to the vision and kidneys. Don’t forget that your kidneys affect other organs of your body too.

Take proper care of yourself and see a doctor instantly if you feel any symptoms of kidney disease. Only this way, you can protect your health, vision, and kidneys.

Your doctor may also recommend you exercise with medications. Follow all the guidelines of your doctor to prevent yourself from chronic kidney diseases. Take precautions from the start so your kidney diseases don’t get chronic and live a healthy life.

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