7 Essential Items for the Nursery

7 Essential Items for the Nursery


Designing a baby nursery can be quite exciting and overwhelming. At the same time, it can be a very difficult task as well. This is because there are so many options available in the market to choose from that you will be left confused. You may want to decorate the room according to your preference and personal style but a few decor ideas will help you to make it more functional as well. Hence, mentioned below are a few essentials for the baby nursery that you can buy from a Mothercare in Delhi or some other city:

1. A Crib

The first thing to consider while planning the baby nursery is the crib. There are various types of cribs available in the market. While some have very elaborate designs, others have a more simplistic approach. However, your baby will be comfortable in both types of cribs and sleep well. Choose the colour, size, and shape you want. Many modern cribs have lots of extra features that make using them very convenient. You can research online about different types of cribs before finalising your option.

2. The Bed

The bed is where a baby spends most of the time. Hence, it should be very comfortable and functional. While choosing the bed, look for other essentials like pillows, blankets, bedsheets, etc. as well. Choose white or other light coloured fabric for the baby’s bed so that it is easily visible when the sheets or covers get dirty. Also, look for designs that complement the home decor.

3. A Changing Table

A changing table is one of the most essential items. Changing diapers is not easy, especially in the first year. Even though you gradually get skillful and do it more easily, it is always a good idea to have a changing table in the baby nursery. Let’s call it the diaper zone! Every time you need to change a diaper, you will find all the essentials within hand’s reach. This way you can change the diaper more conveniently and stay organized at the same time. Most changing tables come with thick pads that ensure that your baby stays comfortable always.

4. Storage Baskets

Adding a few storage baskets to the baby nursery is a great idea. For starters, it acts as a decor piece that enlivens the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior design. Further, it can be great storage space in the room where you can keep blankets, clothes, or even toys. Place them close to the baby’s bed so that you can easily reach any item easily when required.

5. Dresser

A dresser for the baby’s room can prove to be very beneficial. Babies have so many sets of clothes. They have to be kept in an organized manner so that the room does not appear cluttered and messed up. Also, a baby’s clothes are changed numerous times every day. Hence, they should be kept somewhere in the room so that they can be easily accessed. A small dresser for the baby’s room can easily accommodate all the clothes and elevate the room’s appeal as well.

6. Mobiles

One of the most significant elements of a baby’s room is mobiles. They are great to entertain babies and keep them engaged. Many cribs or beds come with an already attached mobile. However, if it is not attached, you can buy one separately. There are so many modern and functional mobiles available in the market that can even play music or have lights. Other interesting simplistic options are available as well. Choose one depending on your need and budget.

7. A Rocking Chair

Do not just think about the baby while designing the room as you will be spending quite some time in that room taking care of the baby. You should not tire yourself holding the baby while feeding. Add a rocking chair to the room so that you can sit on it and take care of the baby comfortably. Also, the motion of a rocking chair helps a baby to sleep. You can breastfeed your baby while sitting on the chair as well.

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