Holy Week in Mexico.

3 Out Of The Ordinary Places To Spend Holy Week In Mexico


Holy Week vacations are just around the corner. If you want to enjoy them to the fullest, you should start planning now. That is why in this article, we are going to present you with the best destinations in Mexico to make your Holy Week unforgettable.

During Holy Week, Christians commemorate the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. During Holy Week, Catholics perform various acts, such as processions, the drama of the death, and the passion of Christ, among others. That is why we give you the best destinations to spend Holy Week in Mexico.

Taxco, Guerrero

One of the most beautiful places to go during Holy Week is Taxco since the impressive thing is that, along the city’s cobblestone streets, the brotherhoods of hooded penitents advance.

They are dressed in black and dragging chains attached to their ankles, rods with thorns on their shoulders.

Women beating their backs or carrying a cross and walking squatting are just some of the actions you will see in Taxco’s dramatic, surprising and liturgical processions.

On the most symbolic days, a procession occurs; the participants perform the “last” supper, an act that is enacted for an entire night.

On Saturday, the faithful keep absolute silence during the whole day as a sign of mourning for the death of Jesus, and at midnight the resurrection mass takes place where water and oils are blessed at the first ringing of the bells.

San Andres, Chiapas.

The Highlands region of Chiapas is inhabited by Tzotzil and Tzeltal Indians, who have deep-rooted customs and traditions. They combine both Catholicism and the ancient traditions of their indigenous communities, including the commemoration of Holy Week.

The commemoration rituals of these communities take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Good Friday. They take a large cross from the main church, which all the parishioners carry in a walk along with the town, illuminated by candles and candles, accompanied by incense and music of rattles; this is one of the places of Holy Week that you have to know.

In addition, the site is accompanied by drinks of pox -a brandy made from corn, essential in the Mayan culture, which is used ceremonially, but also as a symbol of fraternity among the community- and then dress the cross with a white cloth.

It is worth mentioning the burning of the Judas in the neighboring town of San Juan Chamula. This tradition consists of the burning with the gasoline of a figure representing Christ’s betrayer; the figure is filled with rockets that explode at the end to the joy of the attendees.

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosí is a colonial city that stands out for its rich baroque quarry constructions. In its downtown, you can admire buildings such as the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Templo del Carmen with its magnificent Camarín de la Virgen, and the Paz theatre. It is also worth visiting the Museum of Potosi Traditions and the National Museum of the Mask, with examples from different corners of the country. Other must-sees are the Ex-Convent of San Francisco, which houses the Regional Museum of Potosi, and the Guadalupe Sanctuary. In addition, in its surroundings is located the mining town of Cerro de San Pedro, there are haciendas, a zoo, and the Museum of Natural Sciences José Vilet.

San Luis Potosi is also one of the best places to experience Holy Week in Mexico since its Procession of Silence, held on Good Friday, is nationally recognized. In this celebration, 28 brotherhoods gather downtown to express their mourning. Among the characters are the costaleros, devotees dressed in a unique tunic and a long, pointed hood.

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