Night Sweats in Pregnancy

How to Cope with Hot flushes and Night Sweats in Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an exciting phase of a woman’s life and comes with mixed emotions. It’s also associated with multiple symptoms, and some can be annoying. An example is hot flushes and nights sweats, and are common among many women. If you have been experiencing such instances, there’s   need to fret! There are various ways to cope and enjoy the motherhood journey.

Should hot flushes be a cause for concern?

Hot flushes are common in pregnancy, and their severity varies from one woman to another. If you’re concerned about the hot flushes, speak to your doctor promptly. Hot flushes may sometimes signify an underlying issue, and it’s advisable to seek professional help. Speak to your doctor if you are experiencing extreme itching, have a high fever, feel dehydrated or the hot flushes last over six weeks.

 How can I best cope with hot flushes and night sweat?

 There various ways to deal with a night sweats pregnancy, these include;

1. Maintain a diary

Keep a diary of the frequency of the occurrences. When do you experience night sweats? How often do they occur? Do you experience hot flushes after participating in certain activities or taking certain foods? Things like stress can trigger the occurrence of hot flushes during pregnancy. Also, some foods and beverages are to blame; these include sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Once you identify the triggers, it’ll be easy to deal with the hot flushes.

2. Manage stress 

High-stress levels are associated with hot flushes and night sweats in pregnancy. If you can manage your stress, you can be sure to minimize this. Therefore, think of ways to manage stress and try exercises, short walks, mediation, and yoga. Lower stress levels will also help improve your health which is a plus for any stage of pregnancy.

3.Watch what you eat 

A healthy diet is essential during pregnancy. But, you should avoid some things to help manage hot flushes. Avoid caffeine and lower your sugar intake. Refined sugars and sugar products are likely to cause hot flushes, and eliminating them from your diet goes a long way. Again, certain products such as refined carbs cause spikes in blood sugar levels and should be avoided.

Incorporate healthy foods in your daily routine, and consider plenty of fruits and vegetables. Organic soya and soya products also work magic. Lastly, drink lots of  clean water and stay hydrated.

4. Cut on alcohol

Alcohol isn’t good for your pregnancy. It also triggers hot flushes and should to your list of the things avoid. If you love alcohol, consider reducing your intake slowly, and you’ll, with time,   it fully.

Doing this will help manage sugar surges and hot flushes. Some exercises also help. Although you shouldn’t engage in intense workouts, there are simple exercises that you can do to stay fit. These include;

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Yoga and more.

In summary, if you have been experiencing hot flushes and night sweats during pregnancy, discuss this with your doctor. The professional will rule out any health issues such as fever, high blood pressure, or endocrine disorder.

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