Look for the Right Choices in Fertility Solutions

Look for the Right Choices in Fertility Solutions


Apart from any pathological condition, several psychological and environmental factors can negatively influence female and male fertility. You can visit here to have the best deals.

The causes may be due to:

A memory of a painful past event: death anniversary of a loved one, a commemorative date of birth, an old trauma.The fear of repeating the mistakes of his own parents: fear of reproducing the bad relationship suffered with his parents.

  • Guilt felt after a voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion).
  • An unconscious fear of becoming a mother in her turn
  • The loss of a child
  • The fact of having had an unhappy childhood or of having been the victim of mistreatment by his parents
  • The fact of having suffered violence sexual
  • Having heard a tragic story about childbirth in those close to him
  • Advancement in age: fertility is a biological concept, it decreases in men and women with advancing age. This decrease is greater in women (beyond 35 years in women, the risk of miscarriage is greater)

The impact of lifestyle:

Stress: in women, stress can be responsible for stopping any ovulation. In humans, stress seems to play a role in the decline in fertility.

Poor diet

A risky profession: the heat caused by certain professions (baker, metallurgist, textile, foundries, long-term sitting position, etc.), can, in men, hinder spermatogenesis (sperm production)

Weight: the fact of having an excess of weight in women will cause a non-irregular cycle. In men, being overweight can affect sperm. Anorexia in women can be a cause of lack of ovulation.

Exposure to certain toxic chemicals (lead and pesticides) is believed to increase the risk of miscarriage in women, as well as spermatogenesis abnormalities in men.

The use of certain drugs

Tobacco consumption: smoking reduces the chances of success in AMP (medically assisted procreation) by 10%.

  • Taking drugs including cannabis
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Medication and radiotherapy alter the genetic material of men and women
  • Certain medical conditions (eg cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems).

Factors other than those listed may also play a role in infertility. A person who suffers from an infertility problem has their own history and personal suffering that can intervene in the difficulty of conceiving a child. It is up to each individual to find their own psychological blockages. For this, it will be necessary to consult a doctor or a psychologist who will be able to help the person to overcome his psychological blockages.



Depending on its severity, a birth defect may be asymptomatic. The diagnosis is often made during a  pelvic exam. The absence of menstruation or the appearance of other disorders of the cycle can have for origin several causes, the congenital anomaly is only one of them. Pain can also be a signal. For example, if the menstrual flow cannot come out due to an abnormality in the cervix or cervical opening, this results in a long-term increase in pressure.


A pelvic exam of the female genitals can help determine if any of the above abnormalities are present.

The causes

The specific effects described here are sometimes due to birth defects (genetic or not) or occur following drug treatment.

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