Coping with Ovarian Cancer and Its Treatment

Dr. Paolo Boffetta – Coping with Ovarian Cancer and Its Treatment


Treatment for females suffering from ovarian cancer causes many physical changes to their bodies. These changes also affect the way they feel about themselves and include hormonal changes, fatigue, hair loss, and more. Doctors take the onus to help patients get the support and care they need when it comes to living with this type of cancer.

Dr. Paolo Boffetta – Coping with Ovarian cancer

Dr.Paolo Boffetta is an esteemed Italian cancer epidemiologist who currently resides in New York, USA. He is involved in cancer research and is currently the Director of the Institute for Translational Epidemiology and Associate Director for Population Sciences of The Tisch Cancer Institute. He is the Bluhdorn Professor of International Community Medicine and has been and is still attached to several prestigious medical centers for cancer research both in the past and present.   


Help with physical and mental agony 

When it comes to living with Ovarian cancer, he says that many women become depressed with the fact that their doctor cannot cure them. However, specialists in the fieldwork with patients to help them get the mental support and care they need when it comes to coping with the treatment of this cancer.

Understand how cancer grows

Most women are keen to know how their cancers will grow and develop. The specialist involved in treating these women is their best guides and mentors when it comes to offering them customized treatment plans.

The specialist generally tells women how advanced their cancer is (this is the stage of cancer) and how they should cope with it. If a patient is in the advanced stage, this means that cancer has gradually spread to the other parts of the body outside the ovaries.

There is a high probability that it has reached the abdomen or the pelvis. In more advanced stages, it can also spread to the lungs in the body. There are chances where you might have an advanced stage of ovarian cancer when diagnosed, or cancer might have returned to the body after previous treatment.

Can ovarian cancer be cured at diagnosis?

Doctors can cure ovarian cancer at diagnosis if it has not reached a very advanced stage. Moreover, the treatment administered to every woman does not work uniformly. Not everyone responds to the treatment in the same way. So, when it comes to the question as to whether ovarian cancer can be cured at the diagnosis levels, this might not always be the case.

Women should also be aware of the fact that if ovarian cancer returns to the body, it generally cannot be cured. However, medication and treatment can control its spread to the other parts of the body and alleviate its symptoms. The treatment often goes on for several months and years as per the individual case of the woman.

According to Dr.Paolo Boffetta doctors and nurses offer complete care and support to females suffering from ovarian cancer. Accepting the fact that you cannot be cured is mentally and emotionally taxing for any woman who has this type of cancer. Doctors generally resort to palliative care and a customized treatment plan to help women cope and live with ovarian cancer for the rest of their lives.

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