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The Most General FAQs About Shockwave Physiotherapy Edmonton


Whenever patients go to their doctors for either a regular check-up or consultation about a health issue or treatment; there are certain points and most important questions that they have to ask. Sometimes they are related to complicated situations but others are just general ones.

Shockwave Physiotherapy Edmonton General FAQs

During the initial visit to the Physiotherapy Edmonton, the patients ask the most common of all questions. But on the second visit, the questions become more generalized but at the same time important. The following are the questions that you can ask a therapist about Shockwave therapy.

Was Shockwave Therapy Developed For Kidney Stones?

In the beginning, shockwave therapy was indeed designed for the treatment of stones in the kidney. But as technology developed scientists came to know about its many other benefits. So as the time passed this therapy was used for other medical conditions.

Is There Harmful Radiation Involved In It?

The patients are very much troubled when they know that they have to undergo the shockwave therapy in pain clinic Edmonton. They think that it is just like other treatments involving radioactivity; which is very much harmful even though it can treat many problems. But the patients in shockwave therapy are treated with acoustic waves.

Will It Be Effective Both In Presence And Absence Of Calcification?

Research has shown that shockwave therapy has been known to treat the calcification in the tendons. The tendons are tissues that connect the bone and the muscles. The treatment can be used both for the absence as well as its presence.

Can It Be Helpful In Different Orthopedic Treatments?

In the current situation Physiotherapy west Edmonton is used for only muscles, tissues and other joint treatments. But as the treatment techniques will grow; it will be very soon used for orthopedic conditions as well. But for the time being, patients will orthopedic problems have to get treatment from the traditional way.

Can Calcification Be Permanently Dissolved By The Treatment?

Several medical conditions are the causes of calcification. Unless they are not treated properly; the calcification problem will reappear even if shockwave therapy is done. The Physiotherapy clinics Edmonton will do their best to minimize the issue but it can reoccur with time.

Is It The Best Alternative To A Surgical Procedure?

Several of the muscles, bones and joint problems are not complicated at all and can be easily treated by the expert physio. Doctors all around the world recommend not having a surgical procedure especially if the issue is concerning the backbone.

Will The Therapy Be Beneficial If Joined With Other Treatments?

Commonly the shockwave therapy alone has the power and capability to treat many conditions. But yes, at times it is best to combine two or more treatments for better results. Other treatments that can be joined with this are exercise therapy and general physiotherapy.

How Many Kinds Of Shockwave Therapies Are There?

The therapists at different clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy will tell you that there are two kinds of therapies. One is hate radial pressure wave in which ultrasound waves helps in the healing ability of the body. But for larger muscles and stubborn pains, Extracorpeal focus shockwave therapy is used.

Will This Treatment Cause Severe Damage To Muscles And Tissues?

This can only happen if the treatment is taken from a clinic that doesn’t have the right equipment and trained staff. But only treatments from experts will be beneficial rather than dangerous. So it is up to the patient to choose the right clinic.

Will The Therapy Be The Cause Of Pain?

Have you ever had pain during an ultrasound? No, because the rays from the therapy are harmless. There will be very little to no pain during the procedure. But some individuals feel more pain and for them, the anesthesia is administered.

What Other Conditions Can The Treatment Cure?

Alongside relieving the pain of the muscles and tissues; the therapy also helps in inflammation, regenerating stem cells, improving the blood flow, scar tissues can be removed. For further information on what treatments the shockwave therapy does; visit any clinic that provides the treatment.

Can Repetition Of The Therapy Be Done?

This answer depends upon the condition of the patients. At times only one session is enough for relieving of the pain but others need more time and repetition of the treatment. This single session can consist of 4 to 5 days per week of therapy.

Should The Between The Treatment Pains Be Ignored?

You can consider these minor pains as the post-surgical ones. But the intensity of the former ones is very less. If the experts at clinics are well-trained then the pain can change into relaxation.

Why Are The Effects Of The Treatment Delayed?

At many times the physical structure and body chemistry of the person is different from the others; so the effects of the shockwave Physiotherapy Edmonton is different in all.

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