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Bharat Bhise Shares the Best Soups to Eat in Order to Lose Weight


Lose Weight

According to Bharat Bhise, soups are great comfort food for the colder months, rich in nutrients, and can help you to lose weight. The health benefits of soups depend on the ingredients they include and that is why it is important to understand which ingredients are the healthiest. Additionally, it is important to take note of the consistency of soups since soups that take a while to consume can make you feel full sooner.

The Soups

Here are some of the best soups you can eat in order to lose weight:

  1. Spicy black bean soup with ancho chili pepitas – Spicy black bean soup with ancho chili pepitas provides a double combination of loaded protein and fiber. It contains 17g of protein and 15g of fiber per serving due to the combination of pepitas and black beans.

The high protein content allows you to feel full for longer and the extra fiber content allows you to maintain a healthy weight. You can add jalapeño peppers to the soup to dial up the spiciness to a new level.

  1. Creamy carrot and cauliflower soup – Creamy carrot and cauliflower soup is not only tasty but healthy as well. It only includes 110 calories and 3g of total fat per serving which can allow you to keep up with your weight loss goals easily.

The combination of carrots and cauliflowers ensures you receive a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that protect the cells of your body from harmful free radicals. You can garnish the soup with Greek yogurt and dry-roasted pumpkin seeds to improve the protein content.

  1. Fall roasted vegetable soup – Fall roasted vegetable soup includes several types of vegetables such as sweet potatoes and black-eyed peas that make for a satiating and warming soup. It is rich in fiber, protein, and sodium and allows you to fulfill your veggie quota for the day quite easily.

It only includes 45g of carbohydrates and 5g of total fat per serving. However, it includes 351 mg of sodium per serving. Thus, it is recommended you rinse the canned black-eyed peas thoroughly to slash the sodium intake by about 40 percent.

  1. Slow cooker split pea and red lentil soup – Slow cooker split pea and red lentil soup is ideal for those that want to enjoy a hearty soup that is delicious as well. The healthy dose of lentils provides the soup with an appealing texture and increases the protein, potassium, and soluble fiber content. It includes only 0.6g of fat, but 12g of protein and 9.6g of fiber per serving.


Bharat Bhise suggests you consider trying the delicious and healthy soups listed above to lose weight and introduce new flavors to your taste buds. You can choose a specific time for consuming soups or alternate the time each day to figure out your preference for consuming soups. Additionally, soups can be made for the whole family and children love soups. So, it’s a win-win.

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