A Look into the Pros and Cons of Cannabis Regulation


Millions of cannabis users exist in The United States of America. They either use the products for their medicinal or recreational benefits. It was illegal to purchase marijuana in the past, but now you can find them in a dispensary near you.

Marijuana legalization in various States makes it easy to get recreational or medicinal cannabis. Perfect Union is one example of a licensed vendor of cannabis products. Unlike past when people would buy illegally from sellers in shoddy streets, buying from the vendors with a permit to operate in beneficial. It ensures you get high-qualityproducts and are not at risk of facing prosecution. The internet makes it easy to find a vendor as you can search dispensary near me to find a pot shop in the neighborhood. Let us look at the pros and cons of cannabis regulation.

The Pros

Regulation benefits the Economy

The marijuana industry sees a turnover of billions of dollars annually, and studies show that the revenue in 3 years will surpass 25 billion dollars. It means that the sector creates employment directly and indirectly. There is a rise in tourism in regions that allow its use due to consumers from States where the products are illegal wanting to enjoy marijuana. The regulation will therefore benefit the local economy.

Decreases the Risk of Marijuana Consumption in Teenagers

Findings from various States show that the regulation of Cannabis is the reason for a decrease in its consumption in teenagers. The legal age to buy in most regions is 21 years,prohibiting minors from buying. However, the Perfect Union Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Morro Bay records an increase in adults using cannabis.

Improvement of Public Safety

Unlike other intoxicating substances, a cannabis consumer tends to be more cautious after ingesting. A driver under the influence of alcohol will take more risks than a cannabis smoker. On the contrary, the performance of cannabis users may increase, thus improving public safety on the road.

Apart from the road, consumer safety increases due to cannabis regulation. The marijuana on sale illegally on streets would not have the proper standards for the consumers. However, the law ensures marijuana is safe through its cultivation, handling, and storage processes.

Reduced Stigmatization

The reason behind the regulation of marijuana is its benefits. Since more people understand its advantages, there is less stigmatization to users. Also, it reduces the number of convictions due to pot use and increases awareness about cannabis use.

The Cons

Continued Marijuana Use can Cause Dependency

A person may be dependent on marijuana if they use it regularly for prolonged times. However, stopping the habit is much easier than with other substances like alcohol and tobacco.

Can Cause Health Challenges

There are likely respiratory challenges from cannabis smoking. It occurs for active and passive inhalers. Consumers can consider the safer techniques of ingesting the products.

Can Lead to Exploitation

Due to the increasing demand for recreational and medicinal cannabis products, there are risks of customer exploitation by businesses in the industry. They can advertise the products on mainstream media and influence children to using.

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