Hot Tub Filters

A guide to Hot Tub Filters


Do you want clean and safe water for your hot tub? Fitting your hot tub with a filter should be a must-have consideration. The device removes dirt, debris, and bacteria by moving your hot tub water through the filter circulation system. However, understanding how the hot tub filter works is critical to achieving the results.

Here is a guide to hot tub filters.

How do filters work?

Without a filtration system, your hot tub becomes a giant bath with dirty water, bacteria, and algae. A filter is a natural pool and spa water treatment method that guarantees evenly heated and purified hot tub water. The filters catch dirt and contaminants and clean your hot tub water. Moving your hot tub water through filters, plumbing, and heater ensures a clean and evenly heated tub.

How to clean your hot tub filters

Clean your filters regularly for quality water and increase your hot tub longevity. And for quality water, drain and refill when cleaning the filter. Different types of cleaning exist, such as;

1. Weakly rinse:

Weakly rinse is a speedy natural water treatment technique that assures clean hot tub water and a clean filter. Here are the steps for a quick rinse for your hot tub filters.

  • Switch off the hot tub at the breaker
  • Remove your filter weir and turn it counterclockwise using the handle
  • Use hose pipe water to rinse your filter but use moderate pressure to avoid tearing or breaking your filter fabrics.
  • Allow time to dry
  • Replace your filters
  • Switch back on the breaker.
  • Avoid using domestic stuff to clean your hot tub filters.

 2. Chemical rinse:

Chemical rinse is done monthly by spraying the filter with a cleaner that usually comes in a spray bottle. Give your filter ample time to dry before switching it into the hot tub component.

3. Chemical soaking:

If your hot tub filter has been in operation for three to four months, soak it in cleaning elements overnight.

When to replace Hot tub filter

Apart from the manufacturer’s filter replacement guidelines, you’re supposed to inspect your hot tub filters. For instance, you might see a brown or gray color after cleaning the filters. If you notice such defects, you must replace your hot tub filter.

Also, when your filtering components no longer have a fibrous sheen or develop cracks, it’s best to replace the filter. Also, if you can smell an unpleasant odor after cleaning, this might be time to change the filters.

Types of hot tub filters

1. Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are made of paper and fabric. The featured pleated material is inserted into your hot tub filter space.

2. Ceramic filters 

Ceramic filters feature resilient ceramic that makes them last longer than other types of filters. If you have conducted the proper maintenance, such as natural water treatment methods, your ceramic filter can last for years without replacement.

3. Sand filters 

A sand filter is a bowl filled with sand to eliminate materials in your hot tub. And since they are fitted outside your hot tub, regular cleaning is recommended.

 Summing up

Without a filter, your hot tub sooner becomes unsafe and infectious. Fortunately, filters can intercept dirt and bacteria before ruining your hot tub water. If you notice any dirt in your hot tub water, it is best first to conduct an effective natural water treatment and fit your hot tub with a filter to avoid the problem.

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