7 Things You Should Avoid While Taking Care of Eyelashes



EyelashesEyelashes beautify your eyes, so taking care of them is essential, like we care for our hair and skin. Eyelash care is an essential part of your self-care routine. Taking care of your eyes, including lashes and brows, is challenging while maintaining a work schedule.

You can go with a few easy and essential tips that will help to keep your natural lashes healthy. For example, you can apply an eyelash conditioner to keep them moisturized and nourished. Gently massaging your eyes while cleaning lashes can improve blood circulation and help to grow them faster and more effectively. Also, you must be familiar with what you should avoid while taking care of your lashes.

Things You Should Avoid to Get Healthy Lashes

Not Removing Makeup

Removing makeup after a long day is a difficult task to do. Still, sleeping with makeup on can ruin your skin texture along with your lashes, and it can lead to excessive lash fall, breakage, and weakened strands. Wearing eye makeup while sleeping can clog your pores and damage the lash cell. It can be a reason for weak strands and clogging of the lash follicles that can stop lash growth. You can use plain water or use a cleanser to clean them. It can help to remove all makeup products along with dust particles and makes eyelashes healthy.

Curling Lashes After Applying Eye Makeup

Curling your lashes can enhance the lash look instantly by uplifting them. Also, this method is time-saving which can make your lashes attractive and luscious. Still, using a curler after applying an eye makeup product like mascara can damage lash strands. Applying eye makeup can uplift your lashes instantly.

Also, it can damage your lash cuticles and slow their growth. You can use a lash serum to protect lashes from getting dry. You can check out the MD Factor website if you are searching for the best lash growth serum to get faster results. Here, you can find a bundle of exciting eye care products that helps to keep your lashes healthy and longer.

Applying for Eyelash Extensions

Applying eyelash extensions can help to beautify your lashes temporarily. Still, it can be a burden for your natural lashes. Synthetic materials, like lash extension ingredients, can harm natural lash strands. Besides this, the glue or solution used to fix the fake lashes on your natural lash strands may be a reason for damaged lash follicles and can delay your lash growth. To increase the density of your lashes, you can use an eyelash conditioner that helps to take care of your lashes and assist and protect from dryness.

Sharing Eye Makeup Products

Using other’s eye makeup products seems harmless to you. Still, using other belongings like makeup products can lead to other consequences, including excessive lash fall and making them dry & dull. Also, it can be a reason for spreading germs and bacteria, which leads to various eye diseases such as pink eye or conjunctivitis, blepharitis, trichotillomania, etc.

Constantly Rubbing Eyes

Frequently rubbing your eyes can be a reason for scratched cornea, which leads to severe damage to eye tissue. Forcefully rubbing your eyes causes watery eyes, redness, and itchiness. It can affect your eyelashes too. Rubbing eyes makes friction, which causes excessive eyelash shedding. Try not to rub your eyes with eye makeup on, as it can cause irritation.

Using Waterproof Eye Makeup Products

Most people prefer waterproof eye makeup products. It can help to keep your eye makeup smudge-free. The chemicals used to make waterproof eye makeup can ruin the lash texture and reduce density. It can create an unnecessary burden on your lashes; as a result, your lashes can break easily. The main problem comes when you harshly rub your eyes while removing makeup. It can break your lashes easily and make them dull & dry.

Pulling off Your Fake Lashes

It is tough to put on fake lashes all day long. Removing makeup and taking off your false lashes is relieving. Gently removing fake lashes is the best way to take care of your natural lashes while cleaning your eye makeup. You can remove your false lashes with the help of the cleanser. It can help loosen your fake lashes and take them off quickly.


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